Baby Got Front

With over 1 MILLION HITS on YouTube, this video by Austin Young is Jackie’s twisted meat-lovers version of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back!”


Directed by Austin Young, this wet & juicy parody of Peggy Lee’s classic “Fever” is just dripping with attitude!

Don’t Tell Me You’re Gay

Directed by Austin Young and co-starring Mario Diaz, this parody of Thelma Houston’s disco anthem “Don’t Leave Me This Way” will have straight girls questioning their boyfriend’s every move!

Filthy Whore

Shot in about 20 minutes before rushing to a show, Jackie’s parody of “Gimme More” quickly passed ONE MILLION HITS on YouTube! It also brought with it a flood of death threats from Britney Spears fans! Seriously.

Gimme All Your Blood

The Queen of Parody takes on the Queen of Pop in this video by Austin Young that exposes how Madonna has remained so well-preserved!

Oh Jesus!

Jackie’s sacrilegious parody of Toni Basil’s “Mickey” will have you dancing one moment and dropping to your knees to pray for forgiveness the next! Made by YouTube’s Professor Oddfellow, it features clips from the movies “Possession,” “The Fourth Man,” “The Holy Mountain,” “Songs From the Second Floor,” “Lunacy,” “Day of the Beast” and “Twin Peaks!”

Retouch My Body

Jackie spills more show biz secrets as she pulls back the curtain to expose how celebrities like Mariah Carey stay looking so good in photos and videos. Directed by Austin Young, it’s important to note that this “ugly” look actually took longer to achieve than Jackie’s signature glamorous makeup!

Santa’s Baby

A scandalous send-up of the holiday classic “Santa Baby” by Eartha Kitt (and later covered by Madonna). Directed by Austin Young, this video serves as a frightening yet festive cautionary tale!

Shit Happens!

Jackie channels Dolly Parton in this climactic Dance-Off scene from Craig Chester’s movie “Adam & Steve,” co-starring Parker Posey. Lyrics by Jackie Beat, music by Michael Lloyd of “Dirty Dancing” fame.


Jackie Beat is superb. Rippingly funny… Equally hilarious and oddly moving. A polished performer, her wigs and costumes reveal rather than mask.”

-The LA Weekly
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  • "If you make fantasy too real I think it loses the quality of a nightmare, of a dream." - Ray Harryhausen
  • I thought I was just a little stressed out… Turns out it's worse than I thought!
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  • I thought I was just a little stressed out… Turns out it's worse than I thought!
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