Thanks to the latest technology you can now enjoy Jackie Beat in the privacy of your own home! Just sit back, relax, and click on the video of your choice. But don’t forget: NOTHING BEATS SEEING JACKIE LIVE ON STAGE!


“You haven’t arrived on the scene until you have felt the cold glare of Jackie Beat reading your tired ass.”

-Planet Homo
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How do you think I feel?
  • Imagine a world without marijuana, homosexuality, dogs or cheese. I mean, what a fucking nightmare, right? (And I don't even smoke weed!)
  • @theladypurrs Oops! 140
  • @theladypurrs True, but I only get 144 characters! Lol
  • My fucking neighborhood STILL sounds like they're doing a production of Miss Saigon at Columbine High. It's July FIFTH, stupid!
  • Straight hair wants curly, light skin wants dark & vice versa! (Not always of course) And don't even get me started on Brown Eye shame!

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