Thanks to the latest technology you can now enjoy Jackie Beat in the privacy of your own home! Just sit back, relax, and click on the video of your choice. But don’t forget: NOTHING BEATS SEEING JACKIE LIVE ON STAGE!


“Jackie Beat is so funny she could get laughs by merely reading the want ads.”

-The LA Weekly
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How do you think I feel?
  • @StevenC66 I got it! I just couldn't help but think of the alternative…!
  • Sorry, but I had too... http://t.co/1weoUDGI47
  • @thesulk Pizza is genius!
  • @StevenC66 I would hope that this is a given! LOL
  • Attention all artists: I am looking for new t-shirts to sell (especially at my upcoming holiday shows) LET'S TALK! We can split the profits.

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