Thanks to the latest technology you can now enjoy Jackie Beat in the privacy of your own home! Just sit back, relax, and click on the video of your choice. But don’t forget: NOTHING BEATS SEEING JACKIE LIVE ON STAGE!


“Beat’s sharp stand-up routine remains virtually unchallenged in the drag scene.”

-HX Magazine
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How do you think I feel?
  • News Flash, Spoiler Alert, Plot Twist... WE ARE ALL BISEXUAL AFRICANS!
  • There is nothing - NOTHING - funnier than Martin Short as Jiminy Glick. #Nothing
  • @woofmike The most important from what I've heard!
  • @Joyuzsong @therealroseanne She doesn't. She said if he won it would show just how fed up everyone is with the status quo (paraphrasing)
  • @therealroseanne "We have King Kong size!" - Judgmental little shit in Italy

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