Thanks to the latest technology you can now enjoy Jackie Beat in the privacy of your own home! Just sit back, relax, and click on the video of your choice. But don’t forget: NOTHING BEATS SEEING JACKIE LIVE ON STAGE!


“Just when you thought that trannies were about as hip as Deee-Lite and platform shoes, Lady Beat has come up and hit us over the head with her humor, her falsies, her creativity, her artistic endeavors and her staying power.”

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How do you think I feel?
  • A huge FUCK YOU to whatever idiot green-lit the remake of POLTERGEIST.
  • @nytimes @DennisChristo4 TERRIFYING!
  • I am proudly following @99SeatsLA… Please do not KILL small theater!
  • When I met @Wolfiesmom at @BettyMWhite's 90th b-day I confessed about my fan letter asking for a signed pic... I LIED & SAID I HAD LEUKEMIA.
  • I'm no Kris Jenner fan, but I love that this guy misspelled the word "misspelled!" https://t.co/spI1kXdrnh