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  • Sun

    San Francisco: Jackie Beat in "O Holy Hell!"

    7PM & 9PM

    1760 Market Street
    San Francisco, CA 94102


    It's that time again! Time for drag superstar JACKIE BEAT to rip the holidays a new one with her sick & twisted song parodies. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa or The Winter Solstice, Jackie will mock and destroy all that you hold dear. Happy Holidays!

    Featuring a heapin' helpin' of classless classics and plenty o' new crap, "O Holy Hell" will have you tapping your toe, slapping your knee and scratching your head.

    "A crabby alternative to Christmas cheer. Tacky, tasteless and hysterical! An oasis of bile in a season of sappy sentiment." - Time Out New York
    "Unforgettable! A holiday tradition is born!" - On & Off Magazine
    "Jackie Beat's holiday show will knock you out!" - The Village Voice
    "A hilarious not-to-be-missed holiday tradition!" - HX Magazine


“One of downtown’s scarier divas. Something for everyone… well, everyone with really bad taste, at least.”

-Sidewalk New York
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